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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my tree is dead?

Dead or dying trees usually give you lots of warning before they become a serious hazard. Things to look for: a recent pitch or lean to the tree, peeling bark, a tree that isn't blooming when all of its neighbors are pretty and green, and leaves falling off in the wrong season.

Is there a difference between tree pruning and tree trimming?

Yes! Trimming and pruning should both be done annually for the overall health and look of the trees. Trimming often refers to shaping trees for aesthetic purposes but also plays an important role in the overall health of the tree and surrounding plant life. Trimming trees back whose canopy grow over smaller vegetation can help the rest of your garden, grass, or smaller surrounding trees and plants get sunlight. We can also remove vines and other plant life that may creep up around the tree. Pruning helps the overall health of the tree. Pruning can remove dead or dying limbs and branches stopping diseases, fungi, and infestations before they spread to the rest of the tree.

When is the best time to prune a tree?

Well, that's complicated. A lot depends on the type of tree. Some trees should be pruned in the fall, while others need pruning in the spring after blooming. Arbor Tech can assess the best course of action for your individual tree.

When is the best time to transplant a tree?

Spring and Fall are the best times to transplant trees. Generally, you want to aim for early fall or mid-spring. Mild temperatures, soft, damp soil, and the dormancy of the tree all have to be taken into account. Summer and winter are the least desirable times to transplant and will very likely result in the loss of the tree.

I don't want my tree removed. Can Arbor Tech save it?

Possibly! Sometimes, sadly, trees cannot be saved. We often get phone calls when the tree is already a serious hazard to life and limb. Our tree experts can assess tree health on the spot during a free estimate. Sometimes, a tree just needs pruning, bracing, or sprayed for fungus or invasive insects. Your best bet is to give us a call!

I have a tree emergency! Can Arbor Tech help?

YES! Arbor Tech specializes in emergency tree work. We have worked through the aftermath of many storms. We even had News 12 ride along with us in the aftermath of Isaias in 2020. Our phone is always on to receive phone calls and text messages even in the wee hours! A member of the Arbor Tech team will return your call or text as quickly as possible in the case of an emergency situation. A tree blocking a driveway, roadway, resting on powerlines, or houses or garages always take precedent. We will start as soon as we can safely work! 

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